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5 Market Place, Pocklington, YO42 2AS
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About Us!!
I suppose The Acorn Gallery was born before its time… for it was a dream long before it became reality! John and I met in 1986 whilst I was cycling around the Yorkshire Dales with my friend. We were staying in Youth Hostels and John was Assistant Warden at Hawes Youth Hostel. After more than a little banter over a pack of cards we exchanged addresses and I invited him to my 18th Birthday Party - rather forward of me but we got on really well and had discovered that John would be turning 21 the day before I was 18 so it turned out my party was arranged for the date of his 21st Birthday! (A sign, I'm sure!)

Soon after that he paid me a visit for the weekend and then came to my party, just 6 weeks after we had first met at the hostel… and he proposed! Needless to say I turned him down (after all it was only the third time we had ever laid eyes on each other!) but 6 weeks after that I accepted! 
I stayed at school to complete my A-Levels and then started work with NatWest. John & I were married 4 years later in 1990. By this time John was no longer working for YHA and was employed by a firm in York but after a few years he decided to go it alone and started his own business. I joined him in 1993 after the birth of our daughter, Emily, and our son, Isaac, came along in 1996. 

In 2003 we once again found ourselves in a Youth Hostel, this time in Epping with friends on a Hire-a-Hostel weekend. We had been in charge of the kids for the afternoon whilst the other grown-ups sought refuge in the pub so when they returned it was our turn to seek solace... 
It was 5pm as we drove into Epping high street... It was dark and teeming down with rain. As we drove along we passed an art gallery, it was well lit and it looked warm and dry. We parked up and went in! We lost ourselves for the next 20 minutes, wandering, reading and admiring the work on display... Amongst the sculptures was a pair of bronze elephants, head to head, resting on entwined trunks... I fell in love! I have always loved elephants and these stole my heart... They were £295, a lot of money for us at the time! As we left the gallery I found tears rolling down my face and I couldn't bear to leave without them...

I decided to break into some money left to me by my Grandma, it was a purchase I knew she would have approved of... and so in the last minutes of that wet afternoon in Epping we bought them! It was six more months before we went into another gallery but a lovely Alexander Millar print found its way home for our anniversary and so it began! Art became our not-so-secret passion! We collected and loved so many pieces that we were always being told we should start our own gallery! The idea was born but it was really only a dream… until one day we sat on a bench in picturesque Pocklington, eating sandwiches with the kids whilst our caravan was pitched at South Lea… and there before us was a little shop, empty and unloved… in need of some serious TLC and calling out for us to make it beautiful! So we did! We contacted the landlord, signed the lease and stripped and painted and re-floored and re-fitted the shop to make our very own art space… 

It had been a mixed reception back at the Youth Hostel when we proudly showed off our elephant sculpture but we knew it was the right thing to do... and in 2007, as we opened The Acorn Gallery, we knew for sure! 


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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