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Celia Lake  

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About Celia Lake:-

Born in 1974 and from a small backwater in rural Nottinghamshire, Celia knew almost immediately that her passion lay in Art. Once her studies at Art School were completed, she pursued paid work, taking commissions during the day and fine-tuning her characterful images of dogs, among other animals, at night. "I realised after a short time that some of the pictures I create look like characters from the village where I grew up, so I paint them in remembrance"
Celia’s work started when she used to babysit for a pair of very 'energetic' children, the only way she could calm them down was to sketch small pictures of their beloved pet cat. The little girl has since become a renowned journalist but still has the sketch of her cat on her wall of her London town house. 

Reynard Original by Celia Lake

George Original by Celia Lake

Henry Original by Celia Lake

The General Original by Celia Lake *SOLD*

Robert Original by Celia Lake *SOLD*


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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