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Jayne Smith  

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About Jayne Smith:-

Jayne Smith is known to many as the smile and support behind Peter Smith, award winning artist and creator of the much loved Impossimals. Jayne has always been a driving force over the years, often working with Peter on his latest collection be it design, stories or titles but recently Jayne has started to unfurl her own creative wings in the studio with a stunning range of art.

Jayne works in the same studio as Peter handmaking every element of her artwork. Her skills include ceramic modelling and pattern creation, painting, sewing, felting, woodworking, metal work and even framing, regularly handcutting and assembling her own to display her creations.

Taking inspiration from wildlife and interior design, Jayne combines her love of fabrics, ceramics and patterns to bring unique look to all her creations. From bespoke wooden sculptures and free standing fabric creations to stunning artwork. Jaynes skills span many fields and disciplines.

'From gold leaf to clay, from paint to fabric every piece of art I create has found its place from everything I love. I have an unending love affair with rabbits spanning thirty years and I don't think its about to stop now'

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Daisy Chain Original by Jayne Smith *SOLD*

Living Free Original by Jayne Smith *SOLD*

Free Spirits Original by Jayne Smith *SOLD*

Field Of Dreams Original by Jayne Smith *SOLD*


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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