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Stephen Hanson *NEW* 
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About Stephen Hanson:-
Stephen has spent over 30 years working as a commercial artist after doing his initial training at Batley Art College. His prestigious career and catalogue of projects include household names such as DangerMouse (who remembers Penfold?) and Roald Dahl's 'THE BFG'.
Stephen continued in the world of animation and television with his own TV series, THE INK THIEF starring Richard O Brien (of 'The Crystal Maze').
Moving to more recent times and Stephens work has included spending time as a visual development artist on 'Flushed Away', 'Despicable Me' and 'The Corpse Bride'. Do you remember 'Arthurs Christmas' from 2011? How about 'Pirates' another animated classic - yes, Stephen did that too!
As well as working on animated movies Stephen has also designed several commercials as well as illustrating several childrenís books including Enid Blytonís 'Secret Seven' series and 'Nelly the Monster Sitter' and has even written and illustrated his own book 'Froobie Pink and the Night Noises'.
So how did he turn away from TV and get into painting for galleries? Well for many years his chosen medium was ink and watercolour but in recent years he has been experimenting with computers and found a programme called 'Coral Painter' which allowed him to choose his medium and then work with similar brush strokes as when working with paint, using a stylus pen directly onto the computer tablet. 
He does not use any 3D imaging in his work but often draws an element in real life, then scans it into the computer and builds up the final piece using these imported hand-drawn images. The final work is a stunning manifestation of natural talent and shows incredible detail and clarity! 
Stephen is self publishing and his work is printed by a professional Giclee company who uses the finest possible inks and archival paper.  All of Stephens work is available to view here in the gallery. Mounted and framed options are available. ((153googleremarketing))
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Solomon by Stephen Hanson *NEW

Tylor by Stephen Hanson *NEW*

Cookie by Stephen Hanson *NEW*

Doris by Stephen Hanson *NEW*

Snowballs by Stephen Hanson

The Wrong Ball by Stephen Hanson

Tea Time by Stephen Hanson

Dinner Time by Stephen Hanson

Breakfast Time by Stephen Hanson

Rufus by Stephen Hanson

Whiskey by Stephen Hanson

Space Invaded by Stephen Hanson

Otto by Stephen Hanson

Natural Instincts by Stephen Hanson

Sleepless by Stephen Hanson

Ralph by Stephen Hanson

Terry by Stephen Hanson

Sunday Roast by Stephen Hanson

Dawn Patrol by Stephen Hanson

The Lost Ball by Stephen Hanson

Morning News by Stephen Hanson

Back On The Road by Stephen Hanson

The Waiting Room by Stephen Hanson

Sentimental Value by Stephen Hanson

Cold Feet by Stephen Hanson

Happily Retired by Stephen Hanson

Mr Rabbit by Stephen Hanson

No Walk Today by Stephen Hanson

Pugly by Stephen Hanson

Second Breakfast by Stephen Hanson

Breakfast In Bed by Stephen Hanson

After A Run by Stephen Hanson


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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