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Alberto Martinez  

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About Alberto Martinez:-
I am originally from Cuba, and I now live in Brighton. Brighton is still a daunting place for me. Iíve been here for seven years now. and even though it feels like home, sometimes I find myself looking at places and buildings as if Iím seeing them for the first time.

When an image, an angle or something Ďhitsí me, the fun begins. I draw the view (usually late at night, when rational thinking is asleep). Then my brain starts its journey of replacing items, meanings and readings. Why not have penguins walking down the road. or a Soviet rocket for a tower. does it matter, really?

Maybe being an outsider helps me to see the wonders and details of cities you can miss due to everyday life. I hope I never come across as judgemental or cynical in my paintings. My priority while Iím doing them is to have a laugh. Maybe Iíve inherited that from my dad, who was a very funny guy.
Itís hugely rewarding to see how onlookersí faces change while they are in front of my versions of their city."
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T2 International Rescue by Alberto Martinez

Fabulous Penelope by Alberto Martinez

We're All In This Together by Alberto Martinez

We Are Mods by Alberto Martinez

Timeless America by Alberto Martinez

On Her Majesty's Service by Alberto Martinez

Fun Days On Brighton Pier by Alberto Martinez

The Good Old Days by Alberto Martinez

The Red Shoe by Alberto Martinez


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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