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EJW Miniatures 

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About Edward Waites:-
Edward is a young sculptor based in Suffolk. Largely self taught, Edward specialises in animals and wildlife. His works are mostly influenced by his passion for the world’s most powerful subjects. His aim is to capture their presence and character in his own unique style; emphasising muscle, sinew and movement.
Cast into bronze and numbered in to limited editions, his work ranges from the small to large scale pieces and commissions of all sizes. Although still in his early twenties, Edward’s sculpture is collected internationally.
His work is acquired by a number of Royal Families and collections placed in royal palaces around the world. The sculptures can be found exhibited at venues including Art Monaco in Monte Carlo.
Currently his work is represented at galleries such as W. H. Patterson and Thomas Goode in Mayfair, London.

Edward takes on commission based work and he has previously completed pieces for clients including Lady Bamford and Ivan Massow.
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Elephant Miniature by Edward J Waites

Pot Bellied Pig Miniature by Edward J Waites

Cockerel Miniature by Edward J Waites

Hare Miniature by Edward J Waites

Leveret Miniature by Edward J Waites

Spanish Bull Miniature by Edward J Waites

Hippo In Water Miniature by Edward J Waites

Falcon Miniature by Edward J Waites


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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