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Grant Palmer *NEW* 

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About Grant Palmer:-

Grant Palmer is a hugely exciting new addition to the sculpture portfolio. An avid people watcher, Grant describes himself as an observational sculptor, looking for distinctive mannerisms and body language - the things that make an individual stand out. He then takes mental notes or even quick reminder sketches to use at a later date and delights in using these in his quirks and characteristics in his honest, original and instantly recognisable sculptures. He says: “Personality and character is the main theme throughout my work. I like to reflect human emotion which can be connected to on a personal level. It's the greatest compliment when people tell me they feel my pieces have a genuine soul.” His work has been sold as far afield as Australia, Russia, United States and China.
 was commissioned to create a bust of Frank Sinatra through Ray Harmer of Harmers Sculptures, and the piece was presented to the man himself. He is also Sculptor in Residence at Aynsley Design House and Cosgrove Hall; Artist in Residence at Aeddonate, a heart health charity.

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Walking The Dog by Grant Walker *NEW*

On The Terraces by Grant Palmer *NEW*

Love Is In The Air by Grant Palmer *NEW*

Aeroplanes by Grant Palmer *NEW*


Up To 12 months Interest Free Credit Now Available!
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